International Forensic Investigation Course

Welcome to Physicians for Human Rights' online course in international forensic investigation, sponsored by PHR's International Forensic Program. If you have already registered for the course, you can proceed to the course modules by clicking the link below (You will need your username and password).

About the Course

This self-guided course is provided free of charge by the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) International Forensic Program. The course modules were developed by PHR staff and other forensic experts experienced in the assessment, planning and implementation of human rights forensic projects, including the investigation of mass graves. It is intended as a resource for those new to the field, especially in countries where training is not available, and as an overview for those whose expertise is limited to specific areas of investigation.

Photo captions:

Top: Born during the war in El Salvador, the young woman in this photo was sent abroad for adoption against her family's will. The family reunion shown here was made possible by a PHR forensic project involving DNA testing.

Middle: A forensic investigator is lowered into a natural pit where human remains have been dumped. Iraqi Kurdistan, 2004.

Bottom: At the site of a mass grave in Afghanistan, the size and location of a piece of evidence are measured.

(All images © PHR)